march 2019

Why Project Babe?

I know that I was fortunate enough to be able to afford a lawyer and a psychologist who helped me, but trauma healing is expensive and the need is not only urgent, but ever growing.

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May 2017

I was fortunate enough to afford the help I needed to begin healing after my abusive relationship, but not all women have those resources. We aim to provide women with as much help as possible so that their road to recovery is a positive one.

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Septemer 2017

I think some of the biggest struggles were dealing with the lack of understanding, compassion and patience from people in positions of power. Personally, I’ve been through the justice system and I feel as though it’s definitely not always fair or helpful to women.

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January 2019

We’re currently in phase two of the Me Too movement, which is a call to action to make traumatic healing affordable for everyone.

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October 2018

I'm chatting all about our go-to emotions and how to start choosing the emotions that we align with, not taking things personally, anxiety around connection and FOMO, and I'm joined by my friend Anna Cecilia of Project Babe to chat about Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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July 2018

Anna's words on sexual assault, domestic violence, and any form of abuse - and her notes on self-love that guided her through her journey - will leave you inspired.

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